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Art Spirit Gallery

Established in 1997, The Art Spirit Gallery features high-quality, original work by regional artists embracing a diversity of mediums and styles.  The gallery seeks to exhibit artists with a unique voice that show a dedication to craft, materials, observation and creativity. 

The 4,000 square foot gallery has hosted about 200 exhibitions and curated shows, generally opening on the second Friday of each month.  It's a vibrant art environment that makes art collecting and browsing relaxed and enjoyable.

“Bright Lights” Series

Art Spirit Gallery 2021


I created this collection of abstract art using acrylic paints mixed with multiple mediums.  Having a deep curiosity for color and chemical effects between paints, coupled with a spiritual and emotional relationship to the process, these paintings were born.


The goal is to make you feel excited and tranquil all at once.  I am attempting to capture the thrill and buzzing energy of the city while feeling the natural effects of the calm elements of the earth. From the bright lights of New York and Amsterdam, to the black rocks and exotic flowers of coastal Maui.


These pieces represent my feelings of being drawn to both of these two worlds, nature and modern society.  I hope these bold colors combined with the raw earthy elements in the paint help to bridge the gap between what is new and what is ancient.  I want to bring you a bright tingling excitement and an inner warmth and calm.



Sara Taylor

The Art Spirit Gallery
415 Sherman Avenue
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
(208) 765-6006

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