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Meet the Artist
Sara Taylor
SEPTEMBER2023-RETREAT-05 copy.jpg

I was raised in Colorado within a nurturing family. My affinity for art blossomed early, and when a creative idea strikes, I'm driven to bring it to life immediately. From my teenage years through adulthood, I explored watercolor and acrylic, always holding a dream to curate a collection of art.

A pivotal moment in my artistic journey was during the renovation of our family home in Sandpoint, Idaho. The interior design process flooded me with inspiration, sparking my interest into fluid art. With a perfect workspace, I embarked on crafting a large, dramatic piece to hang in my master bedroom.

My artistic endeavors found a home on YouTube, where I share my own process of fluid art with a global audience. Commissioned pieces, inspired by the unique personal spaces and styles of clients, became a significant focus of my creative work. If you're interested in a custom piece, feel free to reach out and schedule a commission consultation.

Beyond creating, I am deeply passionate about teaching. In 2022 and 23', I had the privilege of being an instructor at the Fluid Art Experience, a prestigious bi-annual event in the fluid art industry. Presently, I conduct approximately 20 one-on-one Zoom classes each month, forming incredible connections with students—some of whom I've had the honor of mentoring for nearly two years. The ability to kindle the artistic flame in others has become a bright spot in my life.

Art, for me, is not merely a pursuit; art is a lifelong spiritual passion. Thank you for taking the time to explore my artistic journey and connect with the soul behind the creations.

Home Life

I'm an artist residing in a cozy mountain ski town with my husband, Brett, and our three wonderful daughters—Jane, Claire, and Charlee. The core of my daily life revolves around being a devoted wife and mother, a role that brings me immense joy and purpose. We relish the simplicity of life, finding contentment in boating during the warmer months and skiing together in the winter. For me, a fulfilling life lies in these shared moments and the unwavering love and support we provide one another, forming the foundation of both my art and my personal journey.

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